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Managing and directing children on film sets and photographic shoots
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Child and Baby Wranglers on Film Sets and Photographic Shoots

Our professional, friendly child wranglers work with children on the set of a movie, TV production, commercial or photoshoot, preparing children for their scenes or shots both beforehand in rehearsal and also in front of the camera.

Children can often be disorientated and unpredictable on sets, and in need of guidance, which is why our child wrangling services are so crucial. We use specialist techniques and employ games and role-play to aid the children in the delivery of lines, responses and reactions, whether the shot requires puzzled faces, awe, a loving look, whatever is required. We keep the children happy and comfortable, we keep the atmosphere friendly and fun, and we keep the children focused.

Having one of our child wranglers on set is invaluable. We free up the director’s time, giving him or her more time to concentrate on other aspects of the production. We work with the client or director in achieving their vision and goals, and are at the same time are mindful of how everything we are doing appears from the perspective of the child.
A screenshot from an television commercial, with a mother and baby on the floor smiling at each other
Two children, dressed smartly, smile warmly as they waltz with each other. From child wrangling company Kids On Set.
Our child wranglers work hard to keep the childrens’ energy regulated off set so that they are at their best during filming. We use tried-and tested techniques to help the children reach their full potential in front of the camera, and we have a great knack of keeping them focused and positive in repetitive situations.

We also have specialist baby wranglers who are expert at getting the best footage from tots and toddlers. Our baby wranglers bond with the babies (and their mothers or carers too), use the baby's own routine to achieve what is required and use gentle kindly techniques to elicit the desired  responses.

All our child wranglers are experienced, DBS checked, and they all absolutely love working with children.

We can also provide fully qualified chaperones, first aiders, first aid training and fire marshals.
Four cheeky children peek out and grin for the camera
Working Internationally

Our child wranglers travel practically anywhere in the world they are needed. Recent work has taken us to Istanbul, Stockholm, Shanghai and Slovenia and many of our clients are based in the US.
Our Clients

Clients include Gucci, Burberry, Volkswagon, Zara Kids, CBeebies, Huggies, Tylenol, HSBC, Sony, Blackrock, Swiffer, Dominos Pizza, Natwest, Sainsburys, Calpol, Pampers, Marks and Spencers, McDonalds, Adidas, Microsoft, Cow and Gate, Nickelodeon, Little Dish, Dreams, Tescos F and F Kids, Moncler Enfant, Universal, Zalando, Smart Energy, Sage Therapeutics, Eidos, GSK Oilatum, The AA, Kano, H and M, British Telecom, Kano, Cow and Gate, Clarks Shoes and Sainsburys.

Our child and baby wrangling team:


Susannah has worked extensively with children and babies on film sets and on photographic shoots for over ten years, both in London and also around the world. She has been called the “Baby Whisperer” due to her skills and ability to connect well with babies and children alike. She is well versed in set etiquette and the filming process, and she also used to be an acclaimed children's entertainer too.
A headshot of child wrangler Susannah Boughtflower, smiling at the camera

Child wrangler Nicko is exceptionally popular on both photographic fashion shoots and film sets. He's cool with the kids, much liked and totally on their level. He excels at making children look natural and at promoting a relaxed and calm atmosphere on set. He is also patient and understanding when it comes to directing the children in the creative workspace.

Child wrangler Nicholas Bendall (Nicko) pulls a face as he is comically punched by a child

Working with babies and young children on set requires a lot of patience and experience as well as carefully thought out planning and knowledge. With this in mind our early years expert Sophie has the unique and effective ability to work proactively and efficiently on set. Sophie has experience working for big brands and has her role carefully fine tuned to ensure that your shoots go to plan saving you time and money on set. As a Norland nanny and maternity nurse Sophie knows all things baby and is available to advise at any point throughout production and is available to be on set for any of your requirements.

Child wrangler Nicholas Bendall (Nicko) pulls a face as he is comically punched by a child

Tom is the boy who never grew up and still loves drawing, colouring, cartoons and games, and who still loves to play. Tom finds the fun in everything. Having worked extensively in the performance industry, Tom has inside knowledge of etiquette, what is expected of a performer and the logistics of a working shoot. Combining this knowledge with Tom’s understanding of children really sets Tom above the rest, making him the perfect ‘partner in crime’ for the director but most importantly the children. Tom is a proud graduate of Mountview Academy.
A photographic headshot of child wrangler Tom from Kids on Set

Fliss has worked with children for 20 years in children’s theatre and as a sought after children’s entertainer and child wrangler. She is a natural with children of all ages and knows how to make a shoot fun for them whilst keeping their energy levels where they need to be to achieve perfect results. Fliss is greatly experience on set and absolutely loves working with children. She is calm and fun and a very easy person to work with.
A photo of child wrangler Fliss
Child wrangler Nicko Bendall on a photographic shoot directing a child actor
Child wrangler Susannah is being hugged by two young girls

"Working with kids on a film set can often be fraught, but with Susannah and her team around the children are relaxed, happy and ready to perform in front of the camera." - Laurie Castelli-Gair, director

"Tantrum employed Susannah for a VW shoot involving a number of small children. By entertaining them off camera she kept them at a level that meant they were happy and relaxed but not expending too much energy and therefore "burning out" before being required in front of camera. Sue then, standing off camera, elicited exactly the right response from our children who had to repeat a move over and over again. She completely understood the level of performance we were after and having her with us on the day was extremely helpful. Sue is a lovely intelligent person and I would recommend her very strongly for any shoot involving filming children." - Charlie Watson, producer, Tantrum Productions

"Hi Susannah. Really great to meet you. Your ability to make the toddlers and parents feel at ease on set was amazing. It was also such a relief to have someone who is aware of the film process and set etiquette it really helped the shoot go smoothly.  Not only did your child wrangler experience shine through, your happy ways and great personality were a pleasure to be around. Hopefully we will have chance to work together in the near future." - Dan Precious, assistant director

"Hi Susannah. Hope all good with you. It was great working with you last month. It was my first experience on a filming set with my 1 year old twins and I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for all your help and assistance. I would thoroughly recommend your baby wrangler services to anyone filming babies and children - your knowledge, experience and kind nature helped the filming days to run very smoothly, and my twins loved you! Thank you." - Michelle, James and Sophie (mum and children)